Bebe reading at Ulster Museum


I'm looking forward to working on some really exciting projects in Autumn 2022 - soon to be announced! 

Reading at Ulster Museum 2020 

Poems in Print

Tom Daley dives for David Hockney, David Hockney paints Tom Daley
in Gutter (Issue 26 2022) 

Sappho, who is doing your wrong? in Romance Options (Dedalus Press) (2022) 

Give me a Lifetime of Promises in bath magg (Issue 8 2021)
Glass Ceilings in Poetry Ireland Review (Issue 134 Winter 2021) 
Let's Sign Science & other poems in Intertitles: An anthology at the interesection of writing and visual arts
Let's Sign Minibeasts in Fortnight Magazine (2021)

An extract from SOUND PROOF in Hold Open the Door (UCD Press) (2021)
Sappho: A Kintsugi in Modern Poetry in Translation: Dead Women Poets (2020) 

Brass and Pearl in Channel (2020) 
Ink and Hellebore in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal (Spring 2020)
from 'there is a reason why this is called shame' in 
Poetry Ireland Review (Issue 129 2019) 
from 'there is a reason why this is called shame' in Banshee (Issue 9 2019) 
Into the Weeds, FIRST MISTAKE in Modern Poetry in Translation: Our Small Universe (2019)
Ever Since New York, From the Dining Table in The Open Ear (2018)

Meet Me in the Hallway in The Stony Thursday Book No. 16 Summer 2018
Sweet Creature, What the Congregation of Kinghan Church for the Deaf Told Me
in The Tangerine (2018)
From the Dining Table at The Blackberry Path Art Gallery (Art Print) (2018)
Iridescent in Abridged: Relapse (2018) 


Poems in the Wild

I have watched so many people cry over cake a finalist in Mslexia Poetry Comp. (2021)
Give Pop Music, Give Peace a Chance a commission for The National Trust NI (2019)
Stolen on Poetry Jukebox: A Deeper Country in C.S. Lewis Square Belfast (2019)
ハリー in  R-Space Gallery, Lisburn + Market Place Theatre, Armagh (2019) 


In the pandemic, I learned to read again in Trumpet (Issue 10 2021) 
Letter to the twentysomething running the bagel shop in the Faroe Islands in Banshee (Issue 12 2021)
On 'Weeding' by Jess McKinney, & 'how the first sparks became visible by Simone Atanga Bekono trans. by David Colmer on Friday Critique